Relats: First-time intranet users opt for Valo’s fast, cost-effective and unifying solution

As first-time intranet users, multinational Catalan family business Relats had high hopes for an intranet that would unify their diverse workforce, facilitate knowledge sharing, improve efficiency and promote teamwork and productivity. Naturally Valo ticked all the boxes

Starting point:

With a global workforce spread across seven time zones, speaking seven different languages, Relats had previously relied on email for communication. This had proved to be time-consuming and inefficient, so they decided to opt for a multilingual intranet solution with the aim of improving internal communications and team working across the business.


Tigloo, Valo Premium Partner from Spain, recommended Valo Intranet as well as Valo Teamwork to improve internal communications and facilitate a more constructive team working culture within the organization, across multiple sites.


  • Internal communications improved across diverse workforce
  • Intranet-in-a-box Valo is fast to deploy, easy to use and cost effective
  • Valo Teamwork has led to increased, more efficient collaboration across multiple sites

Bringing together a multilingual workforce

With employees working across seven different time zones and speaking seven different languages, Relats’ biggest challenge was to create an intranet accessible to everyone. Rather than create one site in English, as a global language, they chose to create seven sites, one for each language. Relats involved all staff in the process by offering a vote on the name of the intranet, now known as “” and involved teams in defining the content and structure of the sites. Now it’s quick and easy for everyone to keep up with news and innovations across the business both globally and locally.

CS Relats’s content and structure were defined together with the employees.


Thanks to Valo Intranet, internal communications across the company have been simplified substantially leading to increased productivity.

"One of the biggest benefits of having an intranet as a single source for company information is the know-how gained by everyone in the organization." Xavi Boladeres, IT Director of Relats Group

Fast, cost-effective and user-friendly solution for first-time intranet users

Before opting for Valo as their intranet solution Relats had looked at several options, including a bespoke solution but after discovering Valo Premium Partner, Tigloo, they soon decided that Valo was the best and most cost-effective choice. Tigloo set up a demo for the company to show how the customizable intranet, based on Office 365 and SharePoint would be user-friendly for workers across the organization. Once under way, installation was “very, very, very fast” according to Relats. Since launching their “” training was provided to all team members to ensure maximum buy-in before each employee was given their own guest account, allowing them to access the intranet across a range of devices both at work and home.

Improved working environment with Valo Teamwork

In their search for an intranet solution, Relats were also keen to explore applications to improve teamworking. As a multilingual, multi-site organization, workers were often doing the same job as employees on other sites but had limited means of communication, sharing ideas and ways of working.

"Since adopting Valo Teamwork, Relats has set up over 30 digital work groups, allowing workers to manage and share knowledge, make real-time amendments and assign tasks and deadlines."  Xavi Boladeres, IT Director of Relats Group


Interested in seeing how Valo Digital Workplace Solutions, such as Intranet and Teamwork,  can increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace? Book a free demo and we’ll show you how easy it is to manage your digital workspace with Valo.


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