Mutualia: intranet for Spanish non-profit insurance company

A Spanish non-profit insurance company was looking for a cost effective intranet. Plus a two-way communication channel and a place to share content.

Starting Point:

Mutualia is a leading non-profit insurance company in Spain. It was looking for an intranet to create a unified culture. And a place to promote shared values amongst members. It also wanted a social tool to facilitate better communication and collaboration among staff. Therefore the intranet had to be available at any time. And from any device or place. And available in both in Spanish and Basque.


Mutualia considered building a custom intranet from scratch. But Valo’s out-of-the-box solution had everything they needed. It is built on Office 365 and SharePoint. Most importantly it includes a discount for non-profits. Valo’s Premium Partner, TIGLOO, installed Valo Intranet. Helped by a team of leaders from Mutualia’s communications, HR and IT departments.


  • Users uploaded 200 items of content during the first week of using Valo Intranet
  • Staff can share content through one channel in both Spanish and Basque
  • The Yammer tool is being used to keep staff up to date
  • Admin can track popular content and pages as well as use of the intranet

Uniting a diverse workforce

Mutualia is based in the Basque region with a workforce of 600 people. Its staff are spread over different departments and geographical locations. They work alongside the Spain’s social security system. They manage health services, and promote health and safety advice to companies and their workers. Mutualia wanted to offer its network of staff a channel to share information on. And a place for them to communicate on.

A ready-to-go intranet solution

They formed a steering group with a team of leaders from communications, HR and IT. To begin with they looked into building a completely new intranet. But Valo Intranet had everything they needed. And could be operational within weeks. So they changed their minds.

New intranet is a meeting point

Mutualia asked its members what they wanted from their new intranet. This was because “the intranet had to be born from within. It had to be born from users”. They named the intranet ‘Elkargune’. This means ‘Meeting Point’ in Basque. So it perfectly defines the purpose of the platform.


Mutualia Elkargune

Mutualia’s new Valo Intranet is named as “Elkargune” which means ‘meeting point’ in Basque.


Yammer is one of the most popular features of Elkargune. This private social network is designed especially for organizations. It is an effective way to solve support problems. And collect comments on projects or documents as well.

A social hub for sharing content

In Yammer members can quickly catch up on a project or take part in discussion threads. Yammer feeds can also keep customers and suppliers informed about current topics too. During the first week of staff using the Elkargune more than 200 items of content were uploaded by users. This level of participation exceeded expectations. it proved there was a need to have a social space to for members to express themselves. And a place to share their experiences and knowledge with each other too.

"Valo Intranet’s tools are current, flexible and provide users with a multi-device way to communicate. Plus, Valo has an attractive and modern aesthetic." Iratxe Ijalba, Director of Information Systems, Mutualia

Easy intranet to manage

Mutualia now uses Valo’s Admin Tool Pack to monitor engagement with content. They can see which content is most useful. And which pages or groups are most popular. It also helps them understand how the intranet is being used. Mutualia’s members have said Elkargune is a vast improvement on their previous outdated intranet.


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